3 exciting days of conferences and presentations filmed live in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Available to be viewed direct from the Imagina mobile or desktop app!
    Get connected with all attendees, set meetings, watch the live streamed conferences, explore the programme and set your schedule. Available for mobile or desktop
    Explore the virtual trade show in the Laval Virtual World, powered by virBELA. Attend round tables, meetings and talk with the wide range of stand on the trade floor
  4. Kromhouthal
    Only 200 tickets available for this hybrid event at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Not close by? Join the live stream and be part of the most important XR conference of the year.
  5. de Brakke Grond
    Belgian immersive theatre group CREW present Hamlet's Lunacy at the Brakke Grond on November 4, 5 & 6. Two shows per night at 19.00 & 21.00. Part theatre, part VR, totally immersive.
  6. ZOOM
    Watch the pitches for the Immersive Funding Market on November 4th - open to the public and across Startup, Science and Research and Content. Selected projects and decision makers conduct invite only meetings on Nov 5th
    Our very first, totally real, edition zero of 'XR for Everyone'. Read articles and interviews on the hottest topics. Beautifully designed and delivered to your door. A true collector's item.
  8. Satellite Events
    Throughout the world on November 6th, our friends and colleagues around the world will be hosting satellite events in Covid friendly environments with their friends and colleagues. Staying connected to share VRDays 6
  9. VR
    Experience the best of 3dof on Oculus TV and discover the meaning of life in the Philosopher's Lounge on brand new platform, Ravel.